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About Us

We offer Help and Support to anyone experiencing difficulties with claiming Benefits.

Contact us today and speak to an advisor about how we can help you.

Experienced Staff

Our staff have been specifically recruited due to their excellent up to date knowledge of the processes and difficulties involved with Benefit claims. They each have over 10 year’s experience of supporting clients to make successful Benefit claims. This experience was gathered from working for companies such as Macmillan Cancer Support, Local Authorities and Housing Association’s.

Any Benefit, Any Appeal – We can help you.

Our Benefit Appeals Team are experts at Appeal tribunals, by having professional guidance at the first-tier tribunals you increase your chances of winning the appeal. As well as Disability Benefits, we also provide representation at technical appeals such as overpayments, living together, right to reside and fraud cases.

It’s never too early to get in touch, the earlier you contact us, the earlier we can start working with you and your health care professional to protect your benefit future.

Maintain your current claims.

If you are currently receiving benefits, by joining our membership scheme we can ensure that these benefits remain in place for the future. Our staff will complete your claim forms, ensuring that all information is accurate and relevant, removing the stress of your yearly claim form completion.

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