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Appealing a Benefit Decision

  • Have you been refused a Benefit?
  • Has your Benefit been reduced on review or renewal?
  • Have you been Sanctioned?
  • Do you wish to challenge a decision and need Help and Support to do this?

We can take care of it all. Let our Benefit Appeal team challenge the decision on your behalf. Use the contact form below or phone us and a member of our Benefit Appeal team will discuss your case and challenge the decision on your behalf.

We complete all the legal forms and highlight your case, and why the decision is incorrect:

  • Mandatory Reconsiderations
  • Starting the appeal process
  • Providing a written submission for the Tribunal
  • Representation at the Tribunal

We work on your behalf with health care professionals, local authorities and social workers to gather supporting evidence to support your appeal and win your appeal.

We can challenge any type of DWP decision on your behalf:

  • refused a disability benefit
  • found fit to work
  • overpayments
  • accusations of fraud
  • sanctions
  • habitual residence tests
  • right to reside
  • accusations of living together

85% of the appeal cases that we have dealt with in the last year we have won; many more decisions have been changed before the appeal tribunal began.

All our benefit appeal team have years of experience in the process of challenging decisions, completing technical submissions and representation at tribunals. They are experts in social security law, and can use this to your advantage.

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